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Guangdong Yongsheng Technology Development Co., LTD. was founded in 1986. After more than 30 years of tempering, we have developed into a modern ceramic enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. The total area of the company is 30,000 square meters, and the total number of employees is  240. The company has been adhering to the innovation, quality, trust,unity of  faith to servethe various of customers at home and abroad, and in the  industry has been unanimously recognized, and we have won the "contract and trustworthy enterprise" title for 20 consecutive years. Our company has passed the audit of ISO9001, IS14001, OHSAS08001, BSCI, SEDEX, etc. We also have rich experience in cooperation with large and well-known brands, such as WALMART, MARS, ZARAHOME, NETX and so on.

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Main Products


We produce a wide range of ceramic products and always improving our design and patterns to fit with the world market. Also, product customization is acceptable in our company. We can provide you OEM brand, full range customization, high quality products, customization includes logo, shapes, patterns, colors and so on.


How to express your needs for products to the seller?

For example, like this mug.

First, it would be better if you can provide the product mode shape.

Second, please advise the mug size include length, width and height.

Third, we also need to know the color and what kind of glazed finished you want.

Matte finish or glossy finish.

Last, please send us with your requirement of packing and total order quantity, then we can give you the quote base on your requirement.

If everything is okay, you can request for sample to check.




The packaging is accepted for customer customization.We have many packaging, such as cowhide box, color box, gift box, window box... and some protection material like: EPE foam, bipeltate, bubble wrap, pp bag and so on. You can choose the packing way you prefer.


How to choose the right packaging?

At the same time, we need to consider how to make the product safe in transportation. It is very very important.

For sea shipping, use bubble wrap to protect the product and then packaging in master carton is okay. If air shipping, it required more safety. You can use EPE foam or pallet package to get the better protection.

Birthday  party


The Fourth Quarter 2022 Birthday Anniversary and Christmas Carnival of Yongsheng

Jingle Bells

Santa Claus send peace

Happiness goes everywhere~

The warm Christmas is coming again

Yongsheng Technology with employees

Held an unusual "birthday party" -- Christmas themed birthday party

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

1The birthday party begun.

The HR Department carefully prepared a rich afternoon tea and cake desserts for everyone.

We celebrated birthday together in a warm atmosphere.

Give blessings to each other.

To keep a wonderful appointment


Longevity star of this quarter


Yongsheng prepared surprising presents for each birthday star.

The heavy present made the birthday star joyful and happy expression showed clearly

They shared delicious cake and snacks

The scene was full of fun

Exciting game time

Search Christmas stocks

Protect Santa Claus


The game brought the atmosphere of the scene to a climax

Abundant prizes fall to each one

Everyone is immersed in a happy atmosphere

Enjoyed the warmth of Yongsheng's family

Christmas,not only full of fun

●There is a culture that moistens things silently, there is a kind of love that warms people's hearts quietly. In the eternal time of Yongsheng, because of you, we are no longer alone

In this birthday party, we will not only make everyone happy and relaxed after busy work, but also let each birthday star feel the warmth of Yongsheng's family and the love of colleagues

Finally, let’s celebrate the successful conclusion of Yongsheng's fourth quarter birthday party once again