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Will you choose a mug?

After seeing all kinds of creative mugs, are you dazzled? How to choose a creative mug? After understanding the characteristics of ceramic mugs, it is very helpful to select creative mugs! We have organized several methods here, hoping to help you select a satisfactory creative mug.


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Look with your eyes

1. You can take your favorite creative mug in your hand and carefully observe it to see if there is any small defect or damage on the bottle. Be careful not to drop it;
2. Furthermore, you can observe whether the shape of the creative mug has aesthetic feeling and line beauty;
3. The key to evaluating a piece of work is to see the overall consistency. You can put the creative mug on a flat table and see if the mug is standing steadily on the table. For cups with lids, try to see if the lids are just right;
4. The most important thing about the creative mug is that the design on the mug is hand drawn, so you can judge whether the creative mug you like is hand drawn or not;
5. If it is a ceramic mug, the whiter and thinner the ceramic is, the more difficult it is to make, and the better the material is.


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Listen with your ears

If it is a ceramic mug, you can judge whether it is good or bad by tapping the cup body to hear whether the sound is crisp and bright. The more crisp the sound is, the better the cup will be.

This is the general way to select creative mugs. I hope it will be helpful to you. I sincerely hope you can learn the knowledge of selecting creative mugs through the above article!

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Post time: Nov-07-2022