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Employee Birthday Party | Educate in Fun, Date with Summer

It was a shining June.

The sun is warm and the wind is cozy.

Yongsheng technology held a birthday anniversary party of "Educate in fun" for its employees together with Fandeng Reading.

While giving warm blessing to employees,the reading also further enrich employees' spare time life.

And create a learning atmosphere for mutual communication.


01. A Special Reading Club

Book is not only a tender lamp

Waiting for all the rain to return at night

But also a quiet harbor

Guarding all the vessels to sail through the waves...

The discussion atmosphere at the reading meeting was warm and the employees spoke enthusiastically

They all shared their learning experiences and insights

02. Birthday Party in Beautiful June

When the party officially started, the fellows temporarily put aside their tense nerves.

With full expectation for the future, they celebrated this wonderful moment together.

On this special day, the birthday girls and boys gather together to make a best wish for their birthday.


03. Employee Anniversary Celebration

Spring follows winter,and autumn returns by summer solstice.

Looking back, you have accompanied Yongsheng through the spring and autumn.

We clearly remember that you have grown up with passion and hard work. You have won the victory with determination and perseverance.

"Rooting down, growing up" is Yongsheng's expectation for you. Time is great witnesses.

At a new starting point, hope you to be ambitious and forge ahead with Yongsheng

04. Wonderful Moments

The birthday girls and boys from different departments gathered together to play games against each other

With cheers and laughter

A bright smiling face

A sincerely blessing

Perfect end the warm and sweet birthday party


Post time: Nov-07-2022